Monday, 6 February 2012

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Monday, 31 October 2011

Stop Hair Loss - Three Stages of the Hair Growth

You can stop hair loss with and applying these three stages of the hair growth.Your hair follicle adheres to a genetically programmed schedule that includes growth, resting and hair shedding, then the regrowth of new hair. During its lifetime, a human hair goes through three stages: 

Stage 1 - Anagen 
Scalp hair follicles enter the hair growth phase and synthesize hair for a period of 2 - 5 years at a rate of about 6 inches (15 cm) per year. Thus a hair 2 feet (60 cm) in length would be about four years old at the end, and only a month or so old near the scalp. In general, 85% of the scalp hair is in the anagen phase. Eyelash follicles, and the follicles for hair on your arms and legs, have a growth stage lasting only a few months, the resultant hairs that they produce are short. 

Stage 2 - Catagen 
This is a short transitional stage, The follicle becomes physically smaller as the lower portions of the follicle are absorbed by the body, and ceases to make hair. 

Stage 3 - Telogen 
A resting stage lasting two to four months, after which it sheds the hair shaft. Only 15% of your hair is resting at any one time. The hair follicle relaxes its hold on the hair shaft bulb, and the bulb of the hair shaft moves closer to the surface of the skin. Over time the hair shaft loosens and eventually the hair is shed. At the end of the resting stage, the old hair falls out, the follicle enlarges, and a new growth cycle starts and a new hair shaft begins to grow. 

Tips and Tricks for Growing Very Long Hair

There are many tips and tricks to grow long and healthy hair.You can stop hair loss with immediate by applying these instructions.The famous hair stylist George Michael (now deceased) of New York City developed successful methods to grow out very long lengths of hair in women. Women are often told that after they reach thirty that hair should be no longer than shoulder length. Michael felt long hair was majestic on a mature woman, did much to downplay wrinkles, made them look younger immediately. 

One of his secrets was the use of acid conditioners and acid pre-treatment products use before swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water or exposing the hair to sunlight. This kept the hair proteins very tightly bound together. He used hair dryers set only about 10 degrees F. higher than body temperature. Common blow dryers reach temperatures of up to 260 degrees. Water boils at 212 degrees. This high heat can damage hair follicles. Large rollers of soft mesh or plastic were used for drying the hair. Velcro rollers were not used because they can tear the hair. Special care was taken to protect the ends of the hair when rolling or setting. 

Hair cutting was done as one-length style using a straight blunt cut Michael felt that when hair was cut in layers, the body automatically tried to even out the hair which created extra fallout. Shampoos were kept to a minimum. Vitamin and mineral supplements were recommended. He recommended covering hair at all times when exposed to direct sunlight. 

How to Brush right for Long and Healthy Hair?

Hair combing is our daily routine.We brush our hair many time a day.Due to lack of knowledge we suffered hair loss.Yes hair brushing is main and solid reason for hair loss.Brushing is an essential part of healthy hair. Brushing helps keep the scalp healthy and improves the blood circulation which feeds the hair roots (follicles). It also helps distributes the natural protective fats along the length of the hair shafts. These fats serve as lubricants that allow smoother combing without breaking the hair shafts.

Morning brushing is best with a natural hair bristle brush which is similar to your hair structure and less likely to produce tangles on long hair. The brush should have a wooden base that reduces static electricity. If combing, start with a wide tooth tortoise shell comb. Never use a metal or rubber comb.

For brushing, stand with feet a little apart and bend down from your waist until the hair falls in a curtain before your face. Then brush your hair gently, starting from the hair roots at the nape of your neck and moving toward the end of the hair. Follow each brush stroke with a stoke from the open palm of your other hand to help counteract the build up of static electricity. Slowly build up you brushing to 50 strokes a day. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

How to Conduct Hair Loss Test at Home

Now you can conduct hair loss test at home with great ease.This test will enable you to determined or alarm you to think about your hair.To determine if you are losing hair at an excessive rate, count your shed hairs. Each morning hairs from your pillow, bed linens, your shower drain, and from your hair brush or comb. Also, collect hair from your clothing.
Count the hairs and put them into an envelope, marking the day and the number of hairs on the envelope. Use a new envelope every day. Do this for a two weeks. A dermatologist can evaluate the quantity of lost hairs, and can determine whether the hairs are being shed, pulled out, or are breaking along the hair shaft.

When a hair regrowth plan is started, you then have a reference base to determine the plan's success.

Hair Cloning - Hair Multiplication

Hair Regeneration,Hair Transplantation,Follicular Regeneration,Hair Restoration,Hair Multiplication,Hair Loss Treatment,Cure Baldness,Cure Balchur all these terms come under Hair Cloning.The ideal and concept of hair cloning is the most anticipated research in hair loss nowadays.The cloning is to get some hair from donor,s head or neck or from any other part of the body.Then the hair cells are then multiplied in a lab. Once enough hair cells are multiplied, they are then injected back into the patient's balding areas to stimulate hair growth. In a nutshell, this is strictly a CELL BASED hair restoration protocol.HairSite has been covering Hair Multiplication or hair cloning news since 1997. Over the past 10 years, there have been numerous researchers who claimed that there will be a form of cell based hair restoration therapy in a few years time. Till this date, there is still not one researcher or institute that shows the most promising in delivering a genuine hair multiplication protocol in the near future

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